1972 BMW R75/5 or 750cc - $7,600.00

Great running survivor BMW R75/7

All original ! The paint looks good for a 47 year old bike!

I think the paint is also original but not 100% sure.

The original seat is not ripped or even cracking which is amazing.

Only minor / very light surface rust on some of the bolts. No real rust concerns.

There is a small dent on the left side of the tank.

The red you see inside the tank is not rust, this is the color of the internal tank liner.

No smoke from the exhaust hot or cold unless you park it on the side stand for a weak

or more then you will have the normal left cylinder smoking on initial start up.

See the video of it running and you will see that it does not smoke from the exhaust.

Based on my 35 plus years of full time experience with motorcycles

I am fairly confident that the odometer reading of 24,336 is accurate and actual but being

47 years old there is no way to verify it.

I have see these running strong with over 250,000 miles on them.

Please watch the video of me riding it and look at the many pictures below.

The engine runs very strong.

Shifting and clutch is very smooth.

The bottom oil pan gasket has a slow leak but is easy access to change.

I don't see any other leaks.

I do recommend an upgraded ignition switch modification or a new original.

The key switch on, off, park, day and night positions are tricky and just something

not right about the contacts inside.

I can verify the lights all working but it appears that you have to try different key positions

and are never sure that everything is actually off.

It was stored so we cleaned out the carburetors and adjusted them.

We installed a new sealed super MotoBatt battery with higher cranking power.

It starts instantly and idles very smooth hot or cold.

The speedometer and tachometer do both work.

The headlight, tail light and signals do work fine.

This is an older bike with collector value.

Please come take it for a test ride and inspect it thoroughly.

Overall this is a solid and proven bike.

It is sold as is and it comes with the risk associated with a bike this age.

The tread on the tires looks very good.

The mufflers are in very nice condition for their age.

A new paint job would do it justice but it does not look too bad as is.

Please watch the video and see the many pictures.

Thanks for taking the time to share in the fun, pride and adventure we find on and off road.

I have been right here in this same location since 1976 and full time with employees since 1982.

We service everything we sell.

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We have the clear title, shown in the last picture. I am licensed and bonded with the California DMV. I am also a licensed vehicle verifier. If you are in California then I will also collect the sales tax of 7.75% plus a documentation processing charge of $70.00. Plus the registration fee to be determined from the California DMV website at the date of sale. My buyers (you) never pay back fees or DMV registration penalties.

I will give you a temporary registration permit on the spot and your new registration will come to you in the mail. You will not stand in line at the DMV and there will be no surprises. If you are outside of California and you ship by common carrier then you will pay only the purchase price and I will hand you or mail you the title. I must have a copy of the shipping contract from the driver when picked up or a bill of lading.

Without proof of shipment via common carrier I would still need to collect the 7.75% sales tax